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See what people have to say about Nixle…

“This system is long overdue. It has proven itself time and time again. Thank you Merrimack Police and Fire Department.”

“I believe that it will make it a safer community and that everyone in the community should participate in it.”

“Instantaneously, we can see a piece of emergency equipment go by and my phone goes off to tell me I’ve got an alert

“I wanted to thank you on behalf of my immediate and extended family in South Brunswick. The communication efforts you have made [following Hurricane Sandy] have been outstanding. What a wonderful job you have done in helping our community feel educated and connected as we got through these difficult circumstances.”

“I just wanted you ladies and gentlemen to know how grateful I am. I am disabled and this greatly enables me to know what’s happening in my community.

Thank you again.”

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the amount of information, the level of detail, and the quality of the information that you and your team has provided us in the past week. If it had not been for the quality and depth of the information you provided, it would have been much harder to be patient and informed as power and facilities became restored.

Thank you for your continued communication, and to all the hard work you and your team have done.”

“Just wanted to say thank you personally for your great efforts in keeping us informed.”

“Thank you, we have power! Thanks for the excellent communications with the help of Nixle.”

“South Brunswick is to be commended for the thorough and informative updates to our town during this difficult time. All each of you do is much appreciated.”

“Thank you. We have nixle. – love it!!!!!!”

“I just want to thank you for the updates and reports from Nixle throughout Hurricane Sandy. The reports from you are a lifeline to the residents of SB that utilize this tremendous tool, and one of the best communication systems to keep us informed of all emergencies and important traffic and police information happening in our town. South Brunswick utilizes this system so well and to the fullest extent, not only during a massive crisis like Sandy, but at all times to keep residents informed of any important news that may affect us, and our quality of life in South Brunswick. Well done!!”

“I have never heard of this service until my grandmother went missing yesterday afternoon!! She was found, safe and sound, thank God! The people that found her told me about your service and I signed up immediately. Thank God for your service to have helped locate my grams!

God bless you all!”

“I am thankful to Nixle for the many times it has helped me. I live in Fort Lee NJ and the today’s message regarding the closing of a major road (Lemoine Ave ” 9W ) came just in time for ME and many others.”

“You [Nixle] offer an outstanding service and I am very appreciative of it. I do not have internet or TV and radio reception is sketchy at best at home, but at least I am able to get notification of important events occurring in Teller County for which I am truly thankful. Your service is most helpful at keeping me informed of outbreaks of fire and their outcome. Thank you most kindly!”

“Nixle is a fantastic service and very useful.”