Police Department Warns Residents of Scam

After residents receive phone calls from people claiming to be from the IRS, they contacted the Hasbrouck Police Departments to receive more information. As a Nixle user, the police department responded by sending out a Nixle message to let their residents know about the scam and that the FBI has been alerted.

Freeport Police Praise Use of E-Alert in Recent Storm

Police were among the first officials issuing warnings to residents when severe stormsnarrowly missed the Freeport area last week. Residents who subscribe to Freeport Police Department alerts received a text message, email or both, explaining the weather outlook and urging caution. The agency started posting on the Nixle.com in 2010; it has about 200 Freeport-area subscribers.


Nixle Being Used by US Coast Guard for Bar Reports in Oregon

The US Coast Guard in Oregon has begun using Nixle to inform boaters of conditions at the Umpqua River bar. Prior to the implementation of Nixle, boaters would have to call the Coast Guard office multiple times a day in order to figure out what the conditions were going to be at the bar.  Now, boaters can use Nixle to subscribe to the Coast Guard’s bar report and receive a notification whenever the Coast Guard updates the bar conditions.

Criteria Not Met For Amber Alert in Search For Missing Girl

After a number of factors were not met in order to send out an amber alert for a missing girl, St Joseph PD sent out a Nixle alert to search for the missing girl. She was found about an hour later at the home of a family friend.

Missing Person At Risk Located By Nixle User

The Oakland Police Department wanted to share with the community the power of information sharing and community networking. The Berkeley Police Department requested assistance from OPD in locating a missing person at risk. They sent out a NIXLE Alert to their community members in the targeted area. Shortly after sending the NIXLE Alert, a subscriber, who was enjoying an evening walk received the alert and realized the missing man had just walked past her. She immediately contacted the Berkeley Police Department and the at risk man was found safe.

Missing Child Alert

The Township of Hamilton Police were able to locate the missing child thanks to an alert driver who received a Nixle alert and spotted the child. The citizen then called police and directed them to his location where he was found to be unharmed and then reunited with his family.

Critically Missing Person Located

A critically missing 17-year-old male with autism who was reported missing yesterday evening from a southwest San Angelo neighborhood was located safe last night. After an initial search of the area by several patrol units and civilians, San Angelo Police issued a community-wide Nixle alert that included a picture of the male. The alert was sent to Nixle subscribers via cell phone text message, email, and to social media outlets. After a short time in the area, a couple reported seeing someone wearing a yellow shirt [described in the Nixle alert] enter the back yard of a residence near Honeysuckle Lane. The couple also alerted a nearby officer who in turn followed Morgan and confirmed his return to the residence.

Missing Service Dog Found, Reunited With Owner

Zeus, a service dog who watches after his owner’s oxygen tank, went missing while not wearing his collar or service jacket. Officials released an alert about Zeus Friday, asking locals to be on the lookout for the pooch and contact the Sheriff’s non-emergency line with any information. Deputies said a San Marcos resident found Zeus and saw the Sheriff’s Department alert. He called officials and the service dog was reunited with his owner, who really needs him.

Redwood City: Missing At-Risk Man Found Safe in Atherton

An at-risk 74-year-old man who walked away from a residential care facility in Redwood City Thursday morning was found nearby in the city of Atherton, according to police. Redwood City police initiated a search and issued a Nixle alert with McJimsey’s photograph, according to police Lt. Sean Hart. “An alert citizen saw his picture on the Nixle alert and notified us,” Hart said. McJimsey was considered an at-risk missing person because he has mild dementia, according to police.

Missing 13-Year-Old Found 4 Minutes after Nixle Alert Sent Out

A 13-year-old boy disappeared over the weekend. Blount County dispatchers used a few pecks on the keyboard and clicks of a mouse to put his family at ease. Call-takers sent an alert to thousands. Blount County PD were able to reach 2,000 citizens in under 2 minutes using Nixle.