Each week, Nixle delivers millions of emails and text messages for over 8,000 public safety and government agencies to the communities and residents they serve.

Here is some of the feedback provided by these public safety agencies:

“It is written into our city ordinance that Nixle is the primary method of notification for emergencies. Nixle is reliable and instantaneous. In the case of [Winter Storm] Nemo, it was used for weather updates, parking alternatives, traffic alerts and many other issues including power, heating, shelters and warming stations.”

“The District utilized Nixle to communicate emergency messages to our students, their families, staff and the community as a whole. It has been a very effective and valuable communication tool for the District.”

“Essentially, Nixle Tip Watch increases our police force by thousands. Residents want to help us keep their communities safe and Tip Watch makes that happen. This will have a major impact on our efforts to fight crime.”

“We encourage everyone with a cell phone or computer to join us at nixle.com. This is one of the most valuable public safety information tools we have.”

“For the life of me, I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t take advantage of it. Especially in the rural community, it lets you know what to look for. It helps them and it helps us.”

“I’m going to go as far as telling everyone in the public that I believe it’s your public duty to subscribe to Nixle.”

“[Nixle is] a great tool. Nixle has been invaluable in assisting us with leads and clues. The system has helped us recover an elderly Alzheimer’s patient who had wandered off as well as a minor who ran away from home and was spotted at a fast food restaurant by a resident who had received the Nixle alert.”

“The use of the Nixle system saved us many man hours which otherwise would have been needed to investigate the matter. The alert also enabled us to inform the State Police and Prosecutor’s office, all of whom offered help while we thought we were dealing with an abduction.”

“This partnership has proven a valuable tool in getting information out to the community. We have been able to keep our Nixle subscribers informed of such events as water main breaks, road closures, criminal activity, power outages, and a variety of other situations affecting village residents and our motoring public.”

“It [Nixle] allows us to reach people directly when we send out alerts and advisories. We might have an endangered or missing child who may not qualify for an Amber alert.”

“The fact that we now have better communication in our community and that we can share more info with them is great. They can now feel better informed on what is happening with their Police Department and community.”

“Lack of knowledge can instill panic in people. If we can get the word out, hey here’s what’s going on here a solution it’s obviously better for everyone involved.”

“Nixle allows us to quickly and effectively communicate risks, weather warnings, and ways to stay safe to residents. By sending our message directly to people’s cell phones and email addresses, we ensure that accurate and important information is right at our constituents’ fingertips.”

“Nixle has quickly grown to be one of our most actively used tools to alert our residents to impending or occurring emergencies as well as community events. Nixle came to the forefront during the Japan Tsunami evacuation in 2011 and provided an excellent communications platform when the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) came to Honolulu in November 2011.

In addition, Nixle’s capability to automatically forward messages to our Facebook and Twitter feeds has greatly increased our ability to message our residents.

For our department Nixle has provided a dependable and user friendly system that has exceeded our expectations. Nixle has greatly improved our messaging capability and has given our residents a customizable, reliable and trusted emergency messaging service.”