Introducing ContactBridge and OneBridge End-of-Life Announcement

We’re excited to announce the roll out of our new app, ContactBridge! In ContactBridge, you will be able to access the same data that you get from OneBridge today, but with some significant user enhancements including:

  • No need to log in!
    • Your OneBridge login is no longer required; simply tap “Start using now” from the ContactBridge app’s home page to see what’s happening in your area. We’re always making enhancements to the app and will have the ability to optionally create an account in a future release.
  • Improved dynamic data feeds
    • Ability to view content on a map
    • Ability to view content in list form
  • Improved dynamic data feeds
    • Receive alerts when you’re in an impacted area
    • Receive alerts even when traveling through impacted area

ContactBridge can be downloaded here:

cb_ios   cb_android

What’s happening with the OneBridge app and the OneBridge site?

Due to these enhancements, access to the Nixle OneBridge website will be discontinued and the mobile apps will be removed from the app store. On 4/14/17, installed versions of our iOS and Android applications will no longer function and can be removed from your device. Although OneBridge is going away, we’re very excited about the future of our newly improved resident application, ContactBridge.

Resident FAQs

Q: Will there be any immediate changes to my OneBridge account or services?

A: No, OneBridge will continue to function as-is until 4/14/17.

Q: What will happen to my OneBridge account after 4/14/17?

A: You will no longer be able to login to your and/or mobile app accounts. However, we will make sure that you still receive both SMS and email notifications from Nixle!

Q: When I begin receiving Nixle notifications after 4/14/17, how do I manage my notification settings?

A: After 4/14/17, OneBridge users can text PASSWORD to 888777 and then use their mobile phone number and the provided passcode to login at Nixle. From here, you can visit the Settings tab and adjust the agencies you receive information from.

Q: I’m trying to use Nixle EngageBridge, why won’t it recognize my OneBridge login credentials?

A: Nixle EngageBridge is used by OFFICIAL AGENCIES to send messages. OneBridge users should download either the Android or iOS versions of ContactBridge to view Nixle notifications.

Q: How do I opt out of Nixle SMS notifications after 4/14/17?

A: You can opt out of Nixle SMS notifications by texting STOP to 88877.

Q: Should I remove the OneBridge app from my device?

A: Yes, the app can be removed from your device after 4/14/17. It will no longer display posts or distribute notifications from public safety organizations.