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What is Nixle?
Why Nixle for Residents?
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The same system trusted by over 5,000 public safety agencies is now available to schools and universities.
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What is Nixle Connect?
Used by thousands of schools, police departments, fire departments, and other government agencies, Nixle Connect is the most widely used and fastest growing notification system in the U.S. With Nixle Connect, schools can easily and effectively communicate with students, faculty and the community by text message, voice messaging and email.

Why Nixle Connect?
Price. Nixle was founded to provide affordable notification for every community. Nixle pricing is typically 25% - 75% lower than other notification providers. Talk to us about how we can likely cut your existing mass notification bill in half!

Community Integration. In addition to educational institutions, Nixle is used by police, fire, emergency management, and other key government agencies. Nixle is the only notification technology that gives you the option to feed critical public safety information from other trusted agencies to your faculty and students. Community integration also means that your school can reach out and engage the surrounding community

Product. Our award-winning product is the hands-down best notification technology on the market. Don’t take our word for it: ask us for references to our numerous awards and thousands of happy customers. .


  Urgent Safety Alerts
Health Threats
Community Outreach
Weather Warnings
Bully Reporting
Closures & Early Dismissals
What are Nixle Connect’s features?
Speed and Reliability
Nixle has the fastest text-messaging and email tunnels of any notification provider. Period. In five years of usage and hundreds of millions of messages, Nixle has never failed.
Does your notification provider have two-factor authentication? If not, your system has a critical exposure to hackers. Ask us to explain why Nixle’s two-factor authentication is a must-have feature. Also, Nixle is the only notification provider hosted at Nlets, which is a high- security data center owned by the government to provide secured communications.
Internal Notification
Nixle Connect makes it easy to quickly communicate with faculty and administrators. This allows for targeted messaging to selected groups and subgroups.
Day-to-day Messaging
To prevent desensitization to emergency alerts, Nixle allows you to engage and collaborate with your community by sending non- emergency information by email. Emergency information is always sent by text message. Equally important, users can unsubscribe to the feeds they are not interested in, so that every user will give their full attention to every message you send.
Special Interests
Nixle Connect allows you to create feeds for different types of information, such as sports team scores, club meetings, or special event notifications. Users can easily subscribe to a feed by texting a mobile keyword, such as “SPORTS,” to a short code.
Bully Reporting
Nixle Connect allows users to submit anonymous tips by web or by text message to report sensitive issues, such as bullying. School administrators can also continue to communicate anonymously with the tipster for further information.
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Questions? Call us toll-free at 1-877-649-5362