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Nixle Connect connects public safety agencies to their residents via text, web, and email so residents can be informed of important notifications.

The applications of civilian communications go well beyond emergency response, and Nixle Connect provides the tools necessary to to effectively reach civilians for everything from community outreach to public relations to emergency mitigation.
  No Cost to Public Safety
Unlimited SMS and Email
High Performance Distribution
Trusted by over 5,000 agencies
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Nixle is the first professional- grade mass communications system allowing the LAPD to communicate directly with a geographically specific portion of the community.
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— Police Chief Charlie Beck, Los Angeles PD

Case Study: Tornado
“On January 11, 2012 Eastern Burke County was ravaged by the first tornado of the year in the United States. When working with these folks and helping them repair there were an uncountable number of people that came up to us and said “Your advanced warning through the text message was what saved my life.” The most vivid one that I remember was a young man named Cory who lives with his elderly grandparents. He said “I got the text message and was able to get my Grandmother and Grandfather to just inside the basement door when the roof came off the house. We were saved by your text message because we were watching a movie and the trusses collapsed right where we were all sitting.” Today they are alive and we owe it to you all for allowing us to use this great and powerful service in the many communities here. Just tonight we have been able to get road information and closing information out to the public with this winter storm that came through. We enjoy using your service!“

— Christopher White, Chief Meteorologist, Burke County, NC

Emergency Mitigation Crowd Control Missing and Wanted
Emergency Preparation Traffic Management Press Releases
Emergency Recovery Event Management Misinformation Management
Hazardous Situations Community Outreach
High-performance carrier uplink at 500 messages per second
Fault-tolerant architecture
Identity certification required for all participating agencies
Nlets network integration
No cost to any public safety agency in the United States
Unrestricted and unlimited text, email, and web messaging
2-Factor Authentication for maximum account security
Add subscribers by customizable web widgets
Up-to-the-minute subscriber counts show registration effectiveness
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