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Nixle’s mission is to enable government agencies, small to medium size businesses and enterprise-level organizations to communicate in a secure way and exchange multimedia content over a trusted mobile platform. Our product line supports secure enterprise grade communications for both public and private messaging.

We also support the creation and management of geographic and interest based user groups through unique SMS and mobile applications. Our product line consists of stand alone solutions and custom solutions for government, small to medium size businesses, and enterprise level organizations to communicate using a trusted, simple, and proven service.

Company Background
Nixle was organized in January of 2007 to design and develop innovative technologies for the public safety sector, the government sector, and the commercial sector. These unique communications solutions are in the area of public and internal real-time messaging. Our management and technical experience, along with the team’s analytical capabilities allow us to meet and exceed client requirements in the arena of public alerting and private SMS and application-based mobile communications.

Between January 2007 and February 2009 the Company worked on formalizing its strategic partnership with Nlets (The International Justice & Public Safety Network). Nixle became the first public networking Company to partner with Nlets. Because of this relationship, Nixle technology is integrated into the Nlets closed
network public safety system. Additionally, Nixle has the ability to house all of its servers in the NLETS secure facility, resulting in an enhanced level of security and reliability for public safety and government agencies. Next, the Company partnered with VeriSign (Syniverse) to provide the fastest and most robust dedicated SMS distribution tunnel within the United States with access to all level tier carriers.

From the date the Municipal Wire Service was publically released in March of 2009, over 4,600 public safety and other government agencies have been certified to use the service and are currently communicating with their residents more effectively.

Nixle provides communities throughout the country with news and information that is both proximate and personally relevant. Our technology is critical in creating new communication paths that have never existed before. We’ve set out to enable highly granular, location-specific information to be immediately available to users, depending on their physical location at any given time. Nixle makes this information instantly available over, SMS, mobile application, email, and web. Nixle’s executive team has in-depth experience and a deep understanding of internal processes at local police departments, emergency service agencies, city and municipal governmental agencies and community outreach organizations. This allows Nixle’s technology to be “best of breed” for these authorized users and ensures credibility of information delivered to residents and community visitors. Given the success of Nixle’s Municipal Wire Service, Nixle is currently releasing new and exciting paid-for services into the marketplace. To learn more, visit